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My first bear hunting experience was in 2007 with the Fournier brothers.  These guys are very easy going and did a great job of educating me and preparing me for the hunt.  They were also very accomadating to my schedule and I managed to hunt three days of the season.  I did not get my bear, but two bear were taken out of the stands I had used so I know they were active sites.  If you are looking for some "heart pounding" action, then I would highly recommend hunting bear with Kevin and Shawn. 
-Ben Randall

     Some of my best memories are with my father hunting everything from turkey to deer to crows. As a young girl I can remember making the long trip up to Jackman with thefourwheelers loaded in the back of the pickup and that sweet smell the bait gave off. I always loved going up to help do whatever I could. I remember sitting around waiting for everyone to come back from hunting to see all of the trophy bears, all the smiling faces, and most of all the great stories that will stay with me forever. My favorite memory is the moment my 278 pound black bear walked into my bait site. I remember watching him for the longest time; fascinated, scared, excited but above all the emotions I sat waiting for the perfect shot. Finally the moment came when I put the cross hairs on him and let him have it. Nothing in the world gave me a better feeling than that did. I wish I could play that moment over and over again, but I know I can always come back the next year and try again. Although last year I did not get the opportunity to shoot one I was able to see a mother and four cubs! The entire season I sat in the same stand waiting for the bear I kept seeing to give me a clean shot. Later in the week I had the opportunity to switch or stay and I chose to stay and I never got the chance to get him. I guess what I’m trying to say is you will never know how it turns out but you will always walk away with an awesome experience!

-Alicia Fournier-

Going with Fourniers Guide Service was a good move, not only are they accommodating,helpful,and informative,they are down to earth people who want to give you the most of your hunting experience.My first time on thier sites i saw two seperate bear in two nights. One of them will be hanging at my camp when I get it back from the taxidermist. I made the photo album!   
                                                                            RODNEY DOW
             to   fournier guide service
                        kevin   /shawn           Thanks for the great  hunt . The site was well located and easy to get to with goodshooting lanes  [rifle or camera]. Your knowledge and assistance  was well received and appreciated by me.                    

-carl f-
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